Are you frustrated with Instagram?

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Hello, Netizen. Are you frustrated with Instagram?

I know, all the recent changes are frustrating. How can you be expected to follow them all? Lately, though, I’ve been experimenting with the Instagram algorithm to see what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s the good news: the Instagram algorithm seems to prefer quality over quantity. So you can stop freaking out about your number of followers and likes and focus on content.

You should also just accept that Instagram will always be changing. It’s not a static app. You can choose to fight the changes or you can work with them.

I’ve decided to work with them, so that I can use them to my, and your, advantage.

Ultimately, then, the new Instagram algorithm can be described using 3 keywords:
-The Human Connection
Let’s break those down:

1. Relevance asks-
What photos and accounts do you or your potential target audience like?
What hashtags do you and your audience use?

Instagram will only show your posts on an account if it decides they are relevant to that specific person.

So let’s say you have an account about fashion. Chris finds your account. He really enjoys it and decides to follow you. But Chris never likes, comments, or engages with posts about fashion. As a result, Instagram might not show your posts at the top of his home feed…because it thinks that Chris is not interested in fashion. The algorithm thinks that your “fashion” photos are not relevant to Chris.

That may sound discouraging, but I promise it’s not all bad news. If you attract the right followers and post often on your feed and Insta Stories, Instagram will show your posts to the people who will care the most about them.

2. The Human Connection means-
Engagement is more important than the number of followers you have.
Ultimately, the algorithm tries to act like a human being:
– It wants to help you interact with people who might be interested in your account (by showing them a relevant post of yours)
– It likes when you interact with people you’re following (so don’t forget about them)
– It likes when you interact with new people (so make sure you follow hashtags and interact with new accounts that are relevant to you)

In this way, even a small account (with less than 1,000 followers) can make it into the “Top 9” posts!

3. Timing says-
The faster you get engagement, the more Instagram will promote your post.

So how can you make sure to engage people quickly?
– Post when your followers are the most active
– Use your Insta Story to tell people you have a new post
– Reply to all comments (or as many as possible)
– Engage with other people relevant to your post
That’s it!

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